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Aussie Comic Laughs Cancer out of Town with Award-Winning Show

 Lana Schwarcz teams up with Dense Breasts Canada to raise the roof and raise awareness at Winnipeg Fringe Festival with Lovely Lady Lump.

Comedian Lana Schwarcz returns to Winnipeg with the funny, defiant and moving show she created in response to her own breast cancer diagnosis. In an unmissable hour that is vibrant, touching, real, raw and hilarious, Lana skilfully makes mutated cells the butt of the joke. Cos Cancer seriously deserves to be laughed out of town. Speaking about the show she says: “If I’ve done my job properly there will be two types of tears –laughter and empathy.”

There is a story about Lana’s diagnosis that features a dog, a strange woman in the dog park, and a mammogram that she had because she was depressed (after all, a mammogram is something to DO, isn’t it?). It’s a good luck story about a rare early detection in extremely dense breasts that frames her quirky perspective: the fears and questions surrounding life, death, surgery, loss of identity through treatment, fertility preservation, and art therapy for cancer patients. Collage, anyone?

So now, 3 years later, Lana is joining forces with Dense Breasts Canada (DBC) to tour the show and raise awareness of the dangers of dense breast tissue. Mammograms can miss up to 50% of cancers because dense breast tissue appears white on a mammogram, and so does cancer. Women with dense breasts also have a higher chance of developing breast cancer: dense breasts are a more significant risk factor than family history. Supplemental screening, such as ultrasound, can dramatically increase cancer detection in women with dense breasts. Most women with dense breasts do not know they have them. According to Jennie Dale, Cofounder of Dense Breasts Canada, currently in Manitoba, all information about a woman’s breast density is withheld from both her and her GP.  Over 100 000 women are being kept in the dark about a significant risk factor that increases their chance of breast cancer and a missed diagnosis.

Dense Breasts Canada (DBC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is threefold: to raise women's awareness about the importance of knowing their breast density, to advocate for provincial governments to report breast density to women, and to provide supplemental screening, such as ultrasound, for women with the densest breasts. A collaboration with a comedy show about the subject seems timely. For more information visit: densebreastscanada.ca 

LOVELY LADY LUMP has picked up Awards for Most Outstanding Solo Show (Ottawa), Best Theatre Award (Dunedin), Highly Commended Theatre Award (Adelaide) with nominations for Best Show (Dunedin) and 720ABC Best Theatre Award (Perth).


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