Minute Exhibit Puppet shows are exactly one-minute long for only one person at a time.

Sold out. Every. Single. Show. 

There are currently TWO shows available for roving entertainment:


Minute Exhibit: The Curator

Photo Credit by Grant Hobson for Yarraville Arts Festival

The Curator is the original Minute Exhibit box and has travelled internationally to great audience acclaim. Universally adored, The Curator is surprising, interactive, sweet and suitable for all ages, although it was originally developed for adults.

A curator is organising his newest exhibition, and is something seems to be missing... how can he... what does he need.... aha! It seems the one audience member can provide it.

Titillating Tassels 

Titillating Tassels at Geelong 

Titillating Tassels is an adults-only box on wheels - perfect for larger festivals where entertainment needs to be short and roving.

"See Tassels spin on the Sexiest part of a Woman's Body!"

But what is really the sexiest part?